Freqently Asked Questions

If the answer to your question isn't below please get in touch and we will endeavour to to answer all questions.

Will People be able to notice if they are very close to me?

Quite simply No, they can even touch your hair and not know.

I only have one or two patches of hair loss can you help?

Yes, the system is adaptable to blend in with your existing hair.

Do I have to have the system glued on all the time?

For best results and convenience it is better to have it glued, but some of our clients prefer to use a combination of tape & glue so that they can remove the system when they want.

Do I have to be especially careful with my hair system?

After the initial bonding, it is advisable to wait a day before washing or vigorous exercise; but after that, you can just carry on as if it was your own hair.

How long does it take to get my system made?

We carry a stock of the most common gent’s colours and sizes; but if we do not have what you require, or you would prefer a custom made system, it takes around six to eight weeks.

Do I need to keep coming to you for maintenance and if so how often?

On average a four weekly visit should be all you need to keep your hair looking its best.
We also recommend replacing the system with a new one at least three times a year.

Do I have to pay all at once?

No, we will cater for your individual circumstances, and we do offer an interest free payment plan with a small deposit.